I Think We Have Everything Under Control

Female hysteria was once a common medical diagnosis for women. It is no longer recognized by medical authorities as a medical disorder. Its diagnosis and treatment were routine for hundreds of years in Western Europe. In Western medicine hysteria was considered both common and chronic among women


Wetplate by Julie Loen


I wanted to create a big scene, with many characters and a lot of drama.

Having recently watched The Knick, I was inspired by the hospitals and the uniforms of the time. And I visioned an hysterical woman being dragged out of the house by a couple of orderlies.

I Think We Have Everything Under Control was completed in 2017.

Making the floor

The tiled floor is a made out of pieces of cardboard, then coated with several layers of varnish.

Making  the straightjacket

Wetplates by Julie Loen

 The painting

When I decided this hall needed a huge dramatic painting, my choice was to recreate The Battle of Navarino by Reinagle, 1828.


As it looks in the diorama


I used acrylic paint on cardboard, 21×24 cm.



Sculpted, or made from little bits and pieces.

The Globe.

Sculpted and painted after old maps.

 The Coats of Arms

These are sculpted in polymer clay, then painted in patterns that are a combination of various original Coats of Arms I found doing research.

The bronze-like one (last image) is one I made originally, but I felt the room needed something more colorful and dynamic, to create a better balance, so I replaced it with those three new ones.

Photo by Aksel Jermstad

Work in progress