Ingvild Eiring, born in Bodø, northern Norway, is a masterful artist renowned for her diorama miniatures narrated with mice. With painstaking craftsmanship and detail, Eiring meticulously crafts each element within her miniature worlds. Her creations bear witness to her keen eye to pull out depth at texture in every individual piece ; the stitching in clothing, the grain in wood, even the delicate presence of a wristwatch. She leads you with clear intention.


Ingvild Eiring, by Daria Endresen


Eiring’s work resonates with echoes of Norse traditions, rituals, and folk tales, often reaching back into her childhood where the artistry of Theodore Kittelsen left a lasting influence. Drawing inspiration from Kittelsen’s legacy, in her latest exhibition you can find a small diorama set within a cobalt mine, a three-dimensional homage to his paintings. This particular piece merits your close attention.

Explore Eiring’s dioramas with a keen eye, delving into the narratives they hold. Beyond the scenes, uncover the artist’s tale—constructed with precision and nostalgia. Ingvild Eiring’s meticulous craftsmanship invites you to discover clever narratives resonating within her miniature masterpieces, offering a glimpse into her unique artistic vision.