Conjuring Wonders Within Miniature Realms

Ever since I started creating art, I’ve been driven by the joy of making things. In 2011, I discovered the world of dioramas, and it’s been a journey filled with inspiration and imagination.

I began by recreating scenes from different eras, inspired by my love for horror movies and the elegance of the Victorian period. I took iconic moments from films like “The Exorcist” and “Twin Peaks” and transformed them into intricate three-dimensional snapshots that freeze emotions in time.



The Victorian era fascinated me with its mysticism and intrigue, leading me to explore my Norwegian heritage and the traditions, myths, and folklore that shaped it. One of my dioramas, based on the peculiar Christmas tradition of Jul-Anders from my hometown, became a way to celebrate the connections between cultures through the eerie and unknown.

Mice became central characters in my narratives, serving as vessels for complex emotions. They draw inspiration from the artistic tradition of anthropomorphism and the timeless stories of Beatrix Potter.

With three decades of experience in costume design for film, I bring a keen eye for detail and craftsmanship to my miniatures. I create everything by hand, except for a few early pieces. I like to incorporate found fabrics, trinkets, and even family heirlooms to infuse a personal touch into my work.

Each creation is a puzzle of creativity and innovation, with characters evolving until they feel authentic. My goal is simple: to awaken your imagination and reignite that sense of wonder you had as a child. Whether it’s a Victorian séance’s “spirit trumpet” or a nostalgic journey back to an ’80s video store, my art invites you to rediscover the magic of curiosity.

Through my dioramas, I hope to captivate and enlighten, revealing unexplored corners of experience. Ultimately, I want to reconnect you with the boundless marvel that resides within each of us. This is a journey through the realms of shadow and whimsy, where curiosity’s timeless essence thrives.